Tuesday, May 22, 2012

*** Applications are now closed for this hunt as we have reached our store cap ***
If you are a vendor interested in joining this hunt, please send a notecard in SL to Gina Redangel with your name, store name, and store slurl.  I may be adding more stores, or keeping your store as a backup. 

Red Angel Hunts presents Punk Your World Grid Wide Hunt, starting July 16 and ending August 15.

Whatever your personal punk style, EVERYBODY is a bit o punk deep down.  Anarcho, Celtic, Ska, UK, Cyber, Psychobilly, Steam, New Wave...the list goes on.  Put your favorite style and your favorite sound into your creations.  Creations can be ANYTHING as long as it's main goal is to fight the establishment - feel free to be as rebellious as you like!


1. your creation should be an original item made by you.  please do not use items already displayed at your store.

2. no copybotters, business in a box, or resellers

3. hunt item can be anything you want as long as it follows the theme

4. unisex or items for both genders is A DEFINITE MUST for this hunt!! 

5. Most importantly, please do your best to let me know if you need to drop out of the hunt, or if your store moves.  I understand how life (both sl and rl) can be, so all I'm asking for is a heads up!!

Anyone unable to follow these requirements should not apply 

Accepting a max of 35 stores.  Application deadline is Jun 25th.

This is a 1L hunt