Store List & Hints

Hunt starts July 16th!

1. .::Redangels::. - starting location -Kiss this and I'll show you where I'm hiding

2. Wyldflower - Maybe there's some punk stuff in the discount section!

3. Jerica Blaisdale Photography & Textures - I hope that's not gum under the table!

4. jazzitude - Womens: God Save the Queen and Sid Vicious
                      Mens: Working for the clampdown! No tuxedo for me!

5. Lushish Catz - nothing is grey. it is either black or white

6. Seddy's Creations - Green with envy

7. Panda Punx - Around Vivian

8. Tempted Tattoos - Floating around the galaxy is what you're looking for.

9. Bitch Tail - can I get some ones and fives

10. Epicosity - Who Flung Poo

11. .::KD::.Karamelis Designs - 2 Gifts, 2 Locations
      a. Butterfly is my name 
      b. I look like a rock star 

12. Kabuki Creations - Don't get wet looking for me (upper floor)

13. PePU - Ask the hint pan

14. Rotten Defiance - If I'm not careful the birds will carry me away!

15. Dressed by Lexi -Find the outfit that matches these heels.

16. **Estel** - My parents had a sofa like this...

17. J.A.C.S. - I'm where the fellas are

18. [BedlaM]there is a hint giver at the store near signs

19. Les sucreries de Fairy - I love Tim Burton

20. .Sugar & Cyanide. - Kickin' back..relaxin'

21. Seductive Designs - Look up and smell the flowers

22. Kat Skratch Fever - I like to read

23. Rockoil - Those Gowns Are Punked!

24. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS - Come and find me behind the beautiful Bonsai Trees

25. SWAK Designs - I love to stare out the window.

26. BelDimi Gestures - hinter in store

27. Top Katz - Be sure to add accessories

28. ~Shadow Moon~ - OOPS! I think I'm locked in this room.

29. Shabby Shack - I'm hiding beside the punk duck!

30. =Tootsies= - Answer the phone

31. Black Cat Bones - Hello me, meet the real me, in my Misfits way of life.

32. Red Dahlia's Boutique - Womens Favorite thing, SHOES!!!!

33. Dark Water Designs -  "*hic*...this was a very good Crop...*hic*...of wine..."

34. bacidalucia village - refresh your face in the showgirls place

35. blah.BLAH.blah - A good punk needs these

36. VERO MODERO - Can I hold your coffee while you relax a little?

37. PK Private Collection - Lala

38. RAWR - are you feeling lucky punk?

39. .:FallenDreams Inc:. - Rise above the bar where the best get dressed

40. GUHL - Adult Sim - Have a look on the floor ..... it s inside the store area 

41. Bound & Bitten - Adult Sim - check hint giver by tp landing

42. .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms - It may be Punk your world, but we like to Punk our Gnome

43. T&C Creations - Out With the Old, In With the New

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